C# can read keyboard input from the console. In this section you will learn how to do that..

To get keyboard input, first open a console to run your program in. Then it will ask for keyboard input and display whatever you’ve typed.

Keyboard input in C#


The C# program below gets keyboard input and saves it into a string variable. The string variable is then shown to the screen.

string city = null;
Console.WriteLine("Enter your city : ");
city = Console.ReadLine();
Console.WriteLine("You live in " + city);

The data that we read from the console (keyboard), is stored in a variable and printed to the screen.
Sample output of program.

Enter city name: Sydney
You live in Sydney
This line will get keyboard input and store it in a variable:
city = Console.ReadLine();
You can get as many input variables as you want, simply by duplicating this line and changing the variable names.


  1. Make a program that lets the user input a name
  2. Get a number from the console and check if it’s between 1 and 10.